Sustainable (Eco-Friendly) Businesses Part 1

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There are a lot of companies, organizations and businesses that are going green, and implementing and practicing the use of sustainability. Adrian Lee (2014), wrote an article that discusses why businesses that choose to practice sustainability gets higher approval and admiration from their employees. In his article, he wrote about how there are many things that are important and would attract a potential employee/ a person who is applying for a job. Lee (2014), took Darren Wood as an example when he applied for a job at a company named Intuit, which creates and produces software for financial management purposes. Darren said that before he considered the job, he raised questions to his friend about what the benefits were and what the work environment was, but most importantly what this business does to impact the environment. Like Darren, I believe that it’s important to raise such questions and to gain understanding and awareness on what company policies are and how it affects the environment, and both its producers and consumers. Some questions that come to mind would be to know where the sources are coming from, how is the company getting these sources, are any of these sources renewable, and what are ways that the company is doing to help give back to the environment and to the people, while keeping its sustainable practices and company profit.

Lee (2014), stated that Darren praised that the company’s policies and environmental programs where created and compelled based on the employees opinions. I think this is important because it shows that this company values and cares about the environment, and shapes their environmental policies around the voices of its employees. Lee (2014), notes that Intuit gives back to the environment by imitating and creating programs where its employees can ride bicycles to work, fundraising and coming together as a group to help clean up garbage around local lakes and parks. I would say that this is wonderful because it shows employee initiative and raises more awareness to the increasing trend of sustainability and how others can go about striving for more of this in their workplace, outside of work, and at home.

Here is a link to a short video clip about ConocoPhillips- a large oil and gas corporation and how it practices sustainability in a positive way in Canada:


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